Course curriculum

    1. Why think positive

    2. The thought diary

    3. The subconscious mind

    4. Our focus

    5. Gratitude

    6. Brainwaves

    7. Calming the mind

    8. Inner self talk

    9. Reflecting

    10. The laws and principles of life

    11. Feelings and emotions

    12. Awareness

    13. Getting into alignment

    14. The power of visualising

    15. Affirming to yourself

    16. Health and wellness

    17. Setting life desires

    18. Goal setting techniques

    19. A positive way of living

    20. Practice the tools

    21. Powerful reminders

About this course

  • $25.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Create a life you love today

Discover how to change your mindset from fearful and negative too happy and positive.

What others have said:

“I watched all of the videos in Kim’s course and just focussed on them. I can’t tell you how it helped me but it just did, you are a magician! I can’t thank you enough for being there for me and helping me as much as you have!”


“This course offered a comprehensive understanding of Positive Empowerment and was very well structured, and because of the easy-to-follow bite size approach to learning and I was able to learn at my own pace.”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was inspiring, uplifting and presented in such a friendly, relatable way, that encourages and ignites a passion in you to apply the lessons and teachings into your own life. If you follow the advice and guidance in this course you will see the changes begin to happen.”